MYD Salon

The search for hidden Japanese aesthetic values through “parallelism”

Parallelism から検証する『知られざる日本の美意識』の探求


“Parallelism” – the doctrine of beauty

In Japan, there used to be an unspoken doctrine of beauty, shared in the Heian period (794-1192AD) among the small population of 500 or so aristocrats. This doctrine still exists secretly as the very essence of Japanese culture today. Japanese values, for example, Zen, wabi-sabi, and dō, have gained wide recognition and appreciation around the world in recent years, but what these concepts express are actually fragments of this doctrine. But as Japanese aesthetic principles have many definitions and as Japanese people tend to prefer ambiguity, even the existence of the doctrine of beauty or “parallelism,” reached by the Heian aristocrats, has become buried in history. MYD Salon aims to understand the parallelism systemized by Ki no Tsurayuki, in other words the “Tsurayuki principles,” through lectures and artwork in an actual art space.


日本にはかつて、わずか 500 人に過ぎなかった平安貴族達によって共有された、不文律の美の教義がありました。知られざるこの教義が、現代にも日本文化の真髄として密かに存在しています。 『禅』、『侘び寂び』、『道』など近年、日本的価値観として世界に広く知られるようになり、高く評価されていますが、実はこうした考え方もその 教義を断片的に表象したものです。しかしながら平安貴族が到達した『美の教義 - パラレリズム』は、日本の美学理念の定義が多義的、かつ“曖昧さを良しとする”国民性ゆえに、教義の存在をも埋もれさせてしまいました。 紀貫之によってシステム化された『パラレリズム』、すなわち「貫之のカノン」を MYD サロンでは、実際にアート空間に身を置き、レクチャーとア ート作品を鑑賞することを通して、体得していくことを目指します。 


MYD Gallery welcomes members who share our fundamental concepts for establishing the gallery, and our priority is to encourage interaction between members and to further our understanding of beauty. Members are welcome not only from Japan but also from abroad, and we will provide optimal opportunities for members to meet according to requests and a space where they can encounter aesthetic values.

MYD Galleryはその設立趣旨に共感する方々をメンバーに迎え、メンバー間の交流と美への理解を深めることを最優先とする運営方針をとります。メンバーは日本国内のみならず、海外からの参加希望にも対応し、メンバーの要望に沿った交流と、美意識との出会いの場を提供します。



1  MYD Artist Talks

At the opening reception of each exhibition
Artist talks offer a chance to decipher the “scenery” which materializes in MYD Gallery through a presentation of the artwork by the artist and commentary by the curator.
We strive to make each talk event, originating from photographs or “mirrors of contemporary society,” a unique experience, also providing scent, light and sound tailored to the program, to prompt resonating conversations between guests.



アーティスト自身による作品プレゼンテーションと共に、キュレータートークによる解説を行います。MYD Galleryに立ち現れた“風景”を読み解く時間をお過ごしください。

2  MYD Salon Lectures

Lecture Cycle|
Lectures will be held six times a year, according to the Nijushisekki Shichijuniko, which denotes 72 seasonal turning points in the old Japanese calendar, coinciding with the subtle changes of nature. 
Identifying the peak of aesthetic values in Japan as the “Tsurayuki principles,” this program examines Ki no Tsurayuki’s fundamental theory of “parallelism” in comparison to Western art.
Each lecture consists of a keynote talk by the main lecturer Teppei Yamada, Emeritus Professor at Meiji University, and then a discussion between Professor Yamada and architect Makoto Yamaguchi.
Participants will receive original material “Tsurayuki Principles” and enjoy hospitality according to the Japanese four seasons.




3  MYD Salon Concerts

Concert Cycle|
There will be two concert seasons each year, and concerts will be held over multiple days.
Designed according to the “parallelism” theory, the program provides an overview of Japanese classical to contemporary music, from the reading of the sutras to Shinto prayers, Noh recitations and contemporary music.





Become a MYD Salon Member

MYD Gallery was born to pass on the precious traditions of Japan and to support the birth of new culture and art from Tokyo, and we hope to pursue our societal mission in the 21st century with your kind understanding and cooperation. Member requests for private views, specified gallery hours and specified use of the gallery will be addressed accordingly.
Corporate members
Individual Members  
See the Contact page for membership application and details.





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